What should I do? I love this quandary

Today I am totally in heaven...swim practice has been cancelled (duck poop in pool, I imagine), and I have nothing on the calendar at all for the next two days, as long as refrain from promising things to the kids. I LOVE HAVING AN EMPTY CALENDAR! It is one of my most favorite things in life.

  • carpet cleaning (puppy accidents, potty-training accidents, dying kitty accidents, and general life accidents)
  • packing for our trip to Mackinac Island (Mom and Emma are going with the Brownie troop...I can't wait!)
  • writing thank you letters and emails for my GENEROUS FRIENDS and supporters of the Breast Cancer 3-day
  • going over to my sister-in-law's house, and then my brother-in-law's house to check all of the family members for their lice infestation (I am a lice expert as we had it during October of 2007...and I am the only one in the family who can either recognize it, or see something so small).
  • getting the house in order for me to leave, and just cleaning it up in general
  • spending time with the kids, stimulating their brains so that they don't turn to mush over this summer vacation

and I probably will do some of these things...but certainly not all of them. If I was a gambler I would guess I would stick with my strengths and carpet clean and straighten up the house. Then I would force myself to pack (horrible at packing, can't make a decision, become paralyzed with my indecisiveness, and then have panic attacks at how much time I am wasting packing). Then I will call my family out of guilt and do a lice check. Hours later...

But wait! The phone is ringing! I'm making plans with friends! So off to a splash park we go...at least I can chalk this up to quality time with kids...

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