My multi-pronged approach

To helping my darling daughter (esp. Emma, who seems to be manifesting more symptoms of grieving my father, and who seems more anxious in general):
  1. Have her keep a journal to write down her fears at night when she can't fall asleep (thanks to some good advice...didn't think of this on my own...)
  2. Starting family catechism this fall - maybe the extra time carved out, as a family, learning about God and spirituality will help grow her big picture and teach her about the loving God caring for each of us...
  3. Kitten...got her tonight (worried my husband regrets telling me yes, but it is a done deal. I know I will love her, but will he? Don't know.) Need to show darling daughters and son that there is room for more love...and the cycle of life.
  4. Testing out therapists and looking for the right one...meeting with them myself until I find the right fit!
  5. Considering Gilda's Club, where she might not feel like the only child who is living her life in cancer world.
I am open to other suggestions...do you have any?


natalie_r_g said...

Erm, send her here for a visit? Only kidding and trying to inject some levity into what I know is a very worrisome topic. I am glad you are helping your darling girl. She is so special to me.

Becka said...

My next door neighbor, Michelle, is one of the Social Workers at Gilda's. I highly advocate this for both you you. Maybe different sessions, but I think you could both benefit. I can put you in touch with her, if you would like.
Let me know!

Tammy V said...

Hi Pam. This is Tammy from the 3-Day (we shared the daughter flag) I was searching for your site to see if you were signed up for 2010 and saw you did already. Me too! Then saw the 2009 site had this link. (BTW - check your 2010 site. The picture is covering up some words.)

My daughter participated in Gilda's Club for a couple of years and loved Kid Talk (I think they still call it that). She was 11 when she started to go. I never attended any sessions there myself, but I would sit in the common area and talk to people as they came in while Jonna was in her group.

Take care - Tammy