My personal trainer

Wii Sports has become my new personal trainer, but not for the reason one might think...
(And here is where I would be posting a picture of Nathan playing Wii Sports Resort while I walk or run on the treadmill...but it didn't work and I have no patience today!)
He has NEVER been so happy for me waste away the minutes exercising as he is now. The key is to make it sound like a treat - "Do you want to play Wii Sports while I exercise?" and to totally save such activities for only during my exercise time!


Tara said...

Super smart idea!! I need to start exercising, myself. Though, I'll have to use Campbell as my training partner and set him up on Wii Fit.

Personal Trainer Network said...

Super acute idea!! I charge to alpha exercising, myself. Though, I'll accept to use Campbell as my training accomplice and set him up on Wii Fit.