I had a feeling...

I didn't reveal earlier one of the main causes for my emotional slippage lately...it was a bad Saturday, I did lose my darling rabbit, but I also had a serious sadness and feeling of foreboding which I could not quite place. It was all three of these things that caused my downward spiral, and I now see the hand of God in my downward spiral - I was able to work through some of my feelings before I saw why I was going to need to be stronger.

Today we got the news that my wonderful, amazing mother-in-law (the one who has helped me raise my children, who has been there for me through all my cancer treatments) has been diagnosed with lung cancer. We don't know much yet, other than the type of cancer (she was not a smoker), but Bill is with her now and the family is pulling together.

We have such a powerful, loving network of family and friends, and if you are reading this, I ask for your prayers for Sybil and for my husband, Bill.

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Undomestic said...

I pray now for the healing of your mother and the needed strength for her and your family. I'm sorry that she must face this battle.