Today I visited my oncologist's office, for the second time this week. On Monday, I went for my 3-week follow-up to chemo (don't know quite how that went as we had more questions for him about Sybil than about myself. totally neglected self.) and to sign my consent to participate in a clinical trial. Today, I began the clinical trial, which studies bisphosphonates and their potential to be used as a preventative measure against breast cancer recurrence. Bisphosphonates are also known to help strengthen bones, which should come in very handy for me, Mrs. Menopause-At-35-Years-of-Age.

I am on the IV arm of this study, which means that once a month I will get an infusion of Zometa (drug name - actual drug is Zoledronic Acid) for 6 months, then after that, every 3 months for 2.5 years. The amount of the drug (from Bill's research) in this arm of the study is a bit higher, and there are some potential side effects, but the convenience is quite nice. I would need my blood drawn on the same schedule (once a month, then once every three months) so this way they do everything through my port. I can't say I love being jammed with a needle in my port, but I am happy to not have to take a pill every morning for 3 years.

Anyway, it was just this week, with it's 2 appointments and me leaving withOUT being in a post-chemo haze that I noticed how the name of my oncologist's office is printed out on the receipt. Oakland Medical Group - OMG!


Anonymous said...

I'm at the office right now..and was lmao when I signed in and saw OMG. thinking of you!

L O R I said...

btw....i sent that from my cell phone. i didnt realize i wasnt signed in. its lori...incase you didnt get that. i got your e mail earlier. happy to hear good news. ill write you back later when i have more time!