My darling kitten

I posted some time ago about my sweet cat Annie (I call her Nanners, or Nan, or Nannie)...and how I should be more like her in this cancer journey. As it ends up, I am a bit more like her than I thought - I finally got all three pets to the vet yesterday (spring check-up became late summer check-up due to chemo treatments) and got confirmation that the horrendous looking lump around her nipple is, in fact, breast cancer. Apparently breast cancer is not terribly common in cats, it is found more in dogs...and I just want to say, "Universe, this is not what I meant by saying I wanted to be more like my cat!"

Actually, though, her cancer doesn't seem to have spread, and if she has a little cat lumpectomy (!) recovery from that surgery shouldn't be too bad. So she is set to go under the knife next Tuesday. For the cat who cozied up on my giant belly during all of my pregnancies and most recently, ALWAYS found me and settled in on my sad chemo belly, it is totally worth it (especially once I was convinced recovery wouldn't be long or overly hard on her).

As I write this, she is lying on my leg, and Nathan just came up to her to give her some gentle pets. Here is what transpired, Nanners purring the whole time:

Nathan: "I like Nannie."
Me: "She is such a good cat, isn't she?"
Nathan: "Yes, she been nice a me."

Then a few minutes later he came back and said, in his high, cute, pet voice:

"Are you Mommy's Nannie? Are you? Are you? Are you nice to me Nannie? Are you?"

Yes, she is nice to you, and to me. I hope we have her for a long, long time.


natalie_r_g said...

I wish neither of you had to deal with this! Our poor gorgeous Nan. Her kitty cousin says "meow! meow!"

melissa said...

i'm here through loris blog! i just wanted to send best wishes to you and your kitty!!!