Catching up...and resolutions

I'm resolving to spend less time being sad...not necessarily as a New Year's Resolution, but more as an I-am-wasting-my-life-being-sad-and-that-is-stupid-resolution.

So, I'm trying my best to catch up on some of my emails, my procrastinations, my responsibilities, my cleaning, my organizing (the latter two because it makes me feel so good, clears my mind and helps me focus), and my pictures.

As such, I thought I would share a picture which is making me laugh today - my insane dog tried to get into the garbage, and look what happened to her (notice wagging tail):

It didn't stop her from trying to get snacks from Noah's high chair/lunch:

And now, off to my Impromptu Trip of the Day: the Zoo. (Yesterday's Impromptu Trip of the Day was sledding...twice! Once, with Nathan, and then again later with the girls and Nathan.)


JD and Bonnie Kenewell said...

I love that dog!:-) She's good for the soul!

Marci Simot said...

Oh man! Reminds me of the time Maggie stuck her head in the dishwasher and got the rack caught on her collar and panicked. All of the dishes went flying and she was running around with the dishwasher rack stuck to her neck!

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