Family dinners, and brownies in the mail

Let me just, right here and right now, say how wonderful it is to have my little sister situated so conveniently close by, here in grey old Michigan.

I remember dreaming about our future lives, and telling her, 10 years ago when she was packing up to move to California, to find a good place for us to live. It was always my dream to have all of my loved ones right down the street from me...and I have always been willing to make that dream a reality, as much as I could. (Thus, settling here with our little ones, despite a rabid desire to live somewhere else...so they could know their grandparents and aunts and uncles and cousins...)

11 years ago, I SO thought we would be relocating, me somewhere with my sister to follow, or the other way around...and then came Emma and so we stayed put...and now...HOW AMAZING that after moving away, here comes Julie back to Michigan with her little ones in tow, and dear Tyler, too, of course.

Can I say how wonderful it is to see my little sidekick running to the door to open it for us? To have to monitor fights between my sidekick (Natalie) and Nathan, because now they are growing up together and don't always want to share (the novelty of each other's presence is gone)? How much I love going to Costco and picking something up for Jules...and how much I love impromptu family dinners?

I may not be all back to my most cheerful and sunshiney self, but I am here enough to know how lucky I am to have the Gibbs family living in Michigan.***

(And I'm lucky they chose my favorite real estate agent to help them find a house, because she sent brownies in the mail to me today. How can a person not love brownies in the mail?)

***and we're lucky to have our guest "suite" empty again, for impromptu visits from my other most wonderful sister and darling nephew!

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