Loving new friends...and old

Tonight I went on the greatest walk, with a new(ish) friend...and what fun! She knows the neighborhoods even better than I do, having grown up around here, and had lots of good tips and pointers. A cut-through here, pre-school advice there, where they took their daughter skiing, etc.

I am positive that walking with friends is one of my favorite activities. The time just flies by, I learn so much, we spend so much time laughing. Now if only I could get my 3-day friends to start walking in the middle of winter like this wonderful new(ish) friend...

AND...I think I have another new friend in the making - how lucky am I? The circumstances of this new friend-in-the-making are going to make any of my walking friends of the past 3-ish years laugh - she emailed to see if anyone wanted to start a girl scout troop for Katie's grade. This is HYSTERICAL to me...I have spent about hundreds of hours of my life agonizing over this decision, trying to find a co-leader, whining about the girl scouts and their rules which prevented me from doing this without a co-leader...and here she has been all along! Our daughters were never in the same class, so we never crossed paths the right way until this week/this email. (I've seen her around plenty, though...she's one of the handful of moms I ALWAYS see volunteering at grade-wide events.) So, I can pretty safely say, with all the time we are going to be spending together, I either have a friend-in-the-making, or an enemy-in-the-making (not that I would ever mind her, she is such a darling of a person...she may just find me a little annoying after awhile).

Now, to gush about my old friends...it feels like some 3-day fever is starting, and I am so excited to have some of my old teammates signing back up. The 3-day is my very favorite weekend of the year, and to spend the weekend with some of my very favorite friends is my dream. I could go into paragraphs of rapture and exclamation points for each one of the women who are walking (again, for the 4th, or 3rd, or 2nd time...and for the women who are walking for the first time)...it is going to be so, so, so wonderful. Spending time with those women is worth every fundraising moment, every training mile (which as you can maybe tell, is one of my favorite parts of the 3 day, too). Just imagine my happiness if I could get a few of the other favorites to sign up...hmmm...how can I bribe them? :)

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Cathy said...

I made the blog!!
I could never find you annoying. And I'm very glad to have found you, too!