Today by the numbers

Minutes spent driving family members around (Emma to school, to car dealership to pick up Bill, dropping off Bill at work, picking up Nathan, picking up Katie and Emma): 243 minutes

Piles of dog poo picked up in the yard (since the snow has melted, before new snow comes): 49

Kisses bestowed upon a 4 year old: 100

Hugs bestowed upon same 4 year old: 20

Times same 4 year old was lovingly thrown onto the bed: 12

Times I said, "OFF, HOPE!" - unable to count that high

Brownies that were sent in the mail: 12

Brownies eaten by me: 2

# of Brownies I wanted to eat: 5

Hours I spent working on a teacher gift today: 3

# of girls from Emma's class who helped me with the teacher gift today: 6

# of parents who offered help today with teacher gift: 4

Exercise, in minutes: zero :(

1 comment:

Emma said...

Hi! My name is Emma Lucken, and I'm 17 years old and live in Roseville, Minnesota. One of my little brothers (Adam, he's 12) searched my name on Google the other day and found a link to your blog because your daughter has the same name. I started reading and saw your connection to cancer. I'm sorry about your father's death. My mom's life has also been greatly affected by cancer. My grandpa (Karl Lucken) died of colon cancer before I was born, and my grandma (Charlene Lucken) successfully recovered from breast cancer after a single mastectomy. I was intrigued by the connections between our families, and wanted to let you know how cool it is that you're working for a cure to cancer.