Again, so fast

Here are more updates, should anyone be coming back to this blog to check on the happenings in our family.

We are meeting with Hospice tomorrow to see what we can do to help control Dad's pain and to bring him some comfort.

Amy is in town, with Matthew, staying with Dad and helping.

Julie and Tyler are flying in today (in just two hours), with their two little children (Natalie is turning 2, and Noah is 3 months old). Julie plans to move to Michigan on September 1st, but she may just plan to stay as/if things continue to get harder and worse. Tyler has (thankfully) been given permission from his firm to work from Michigan as long as he needs to, but he will be flying back on August 8th to finish up there (and to move the family, with the help of his parents). Julie and family are moving into the Lucken compound in the meantime, poor things.

I think that is about it. I have no idea what I am supposed to be doing to help with things, or what else I am supposed to be communicating...so email me if you have any questions!


JD and Bonnie Kenewell said...

We love you Pam!!! You're a wonderful sister and daughter!

Joann Wilcox said...

Pam and Family,

Sending my love and prayers during this very difficult time in your lives. We have had what appears to be too many of these times but are so blessed to have each other as we do what is needed each and every time. I cannot imagine life without each of you.

I am so supportive of hospice and hope your dad's move to this care is accomplished quickly. Those who are called to provide hospice care are special and will support your dad and each of you in ways that you cannot imagine at this point.

I am here for you if needed and can be 'there' at a moment's notice. I also know you need time to share with your dad, step-mom and sisters.

Love to all. I know we are taught that God only gives us what we can handle and do think that we are all doing very well on this 'test'.


Anonymous said...

You & your family are with us in our thoughts and prayers. We love you all!

Anonymous said...

Today is the second anniversary of my own father's death. I'm really feeling for you. You & your family are with us in our thoughts & prayers. We love you all!

Kathy Westerlund said...

Lucken Family,

Know that we are thinking of you during this challenging time. You are all SO STRONG!!!!!

the Westerlunds