I will write about the 3-day, but here is what I'm doing today...

I'm going to play around with some of the blogger features and hopefully put up a slideshow in a few days to show the glories of our very hot and yet very fun 3-day adventure this year. I'll write about it soon, too.

When I was uploading the pics from the event from our camera, I came across pics of my Dad (taken a couple of days before he died, at my niece Natalie's birthday party). This has caused a few tears to erupt, and also has led to me signing up for my next event to try to make a difference in the world of cancer...the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network's PurpleStride Detroit event.

Please consider joining me on that day, either on our team or on another team. If you can't join me, then please donate! Pancreatic Cancer is a horrific disease, and researchers could use our support.

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Ellyn Davidson said...

I think I'll join you for this event. Great spending time with you this weekend.