Anger, but a calmer ending to the day

Well, we've come to the bottom of the "waiting for the test results" disaster, after lots of phone calls and other means of investigation. For some reason all of my receptor studies which were supposed to be started on 2/15 (date of biopsy) were not started until we dropped in on the nurse to say "Hey, where's the results of our receptor studies?" on the 25th. So we are totally madder than I can express without using all of the words I shouldn't use here and yelling my head off. The pathologist's office said they didn't get the order until the 25th, the doctor's office is saying the test was ordered on the 15th.

So right now we really hate Beaumont. We may change our minds, because we liked plenty of the people and have heard so many good things, but right now our confidence in that particular doctor, and the pathologists, is very low.

We haven't really lost any time, as I have an appointment scheduled at UM on Monday (they only schedule on Monday for their all-day clinic). I couldn't go this last Monday because I had an MRI scheduled. So everything will get to them as scheduled. I am also planning on looking at Karmanos, and they are pretty quick to get people in once all the stuff is together, which it finally is.

I really, really, really wanted to go with Beaumont from the beginning because it is so close, it's a great hospital, we had a good experience there when Nathan was so sick as a newborn. Also, though, I pretty much fall in love with just about everything at first sight (we bought 5 houses this way - just always wanted the first one). I start seeing the possibilities with the first thing I see (house, or I guess in this case, surgeon) and then it blocks my ability to be interested in the subsequent contenders. I guess this whole giant, horribly annoying snafu has opened up my eyes to the subsequent hospitals/health systems, which has got to be a good thing. Even if we end up at Beaumont, I will have given serious thought to the others.

I was so thankful, in the middle of all of this, to receive a letter from my dear friend Laurie's mom. She has said (through Laurie) that it is so important to find a surgeon you like, even if it takes some time...but today when I read her words again they made me feel ok about this giant annoyance and the loss of some days. I wanted to be meeting with the oncologist and getting going on something (I am the least patient person on the planet), but it is all going to be fine anyway.

We're already feeling better and less angry; after the many phone calls were done we all crawled onto the couch together and cozied up. It's a serious cure for emotional upset.

Tomorrow night we are heading to Evanston to see my darling sister, brother-in-law, and little Matthew John. I think a little road trip will be supersonic. We're going to our second favorite place tonight (Costco) to stock up. Like we don't own the whole store already...


Nancy Mc said...

It can be very frustrating indeed dealing with the medical community. I had dreams of them calling me, and was shocked with how much follow up was required. I know you are anxious to get started, with anything, but stay strong, and check out your options. You will know what is right for you .... you will just know. Let me know if I can help in anyway, or do anything to help you and your family out. Thinking of you always.....

Anonymous said...

How frustrating! I'm so sorry you guys have had to deal with this on top of everything else. It really shows how important Bill's role as your advocate becomes. Someone to get mad, someone to ask more questions even when you just want to say "whatever", someone to say "Pam WILL get what she wants."

And all of us are there with you guys, too. Please don't hesitate to put any questions or concerns out there for us to research or find answers to. So many of us know doctors, nurses or people who have gone through this. We want only the BEST for you, my friend!