We've never been patient people...

Bill has been saying this to me a lot lately, "We've never been patient about anything, so of course we would not be patient at a time like this." I imagine waiting for test results is difficult for anyone, but I fear we are making giant pains of ourselves by calling, emailing, calling again and asking when the results will come in that will let us proceed (and meet with an oncologist, see what comes first, schedule something, etc.) But oh well.

Meanwhile, Bill is in charge of learning everything so that he can ask the right questions (he was in charge of our first pregnancy, too!) and I am in charge of keeping myself thinking positively and moving things along at home. I'm not doing a good job of my part, today! Yes, the kids are fed and the house is only a medium-sized disaster (normal), I've made calls about the birthday party, emailed, went grocery shopping, did laundry...but I am not my most fabulous whirlwind self. Oh well to that, too. I do have my hair appointment for tonight (to get my short haircut), and we should have a quiet evening so I can get back to regular things like exercising and that art project I've been planning with the kids for one week.

I'm feeling ok about everything, I'm just impatient and annoyed, but that is such a usual situation for me, it feels like I might not even have breast cancer! Lately I've been feeling like I shouldn't feel impatient or annoyed because at least I am alive and feeling so healthy (since the diagnosis I've felt this). But, I'll just breathe and put on my new state of mind again (the more thankful one).

A big thank you to our family and friends who donated too generously to Emma's jump rope for heart campaign. She was tired and cranky last night after a long day, but when she found out about the donations she was screaming with happiness. And I mean, screaming! She is definitely one who likes to follow the rules, turn things in on time, participate in everything, and conform, and being able to say that she raised this money was so special to her. So thank you!

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