A full day!

I started out the day (after we got the kids ready and off to school) with my MRI, chest x-ray and bloodwork. Then we picked up little Katie and took her out to lunch! It is always fun to pick up Katie because even sharing a word with her teacher is a treat, but she has been so amazing since this diagnosis, and is such a strong, positive woman and role model.

After lunch, we met with a second plastic surgeon, who I really liked and, I believe, prefer. Lastly, we went to Susan's Special Needs where I bought a wig! I'm going to go get my haircut to match this wig (I mentioned it will be quite interesting to go for a different look in the hair department, so I am taking that opportunity!), and then just before my hair is ready to come out, I'll go get all fitted and fixed up for the wig and I'll be ready to go. Susan (of Susan's Special Needs) and Verna are amazing, wonderful people and they made me feel so good.

Maybe I'll write more later, but I have some kids to get ready. It is Emma's first Reconciliation tonight. She doesn't want to go, but don't tell God or the priest!

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sakuraokeast said...

Pam, I'm so impressed by your hairdresser search!! :) I can't wait to see your wig choice, your haircut, your new hair color. You are amazing. I am just in awe after reading your blog.