Top Ten "Sedentary" things for Pam to perfect in 2008

Here is a list of very excellent suggestions from my adorable sister-in-law, Bonnie, and my brother-in-law, JD:

Top Ten "Sedentary" things for Pam to perfect in 2008:

10 - Origami - it's a lost art that you can perfect and impress your
friends with
9 - Learn the Rubic's Cube - Emma can teach you how to do it.....the
solution is online too:-)
8 - Teach Dagny new tricks with the intention of getting her into
show business when this is all over and you have more time
7 - Walk around the block 10 times a day - trying to make the
neighbors wonder :-)
6 - Coming up with new inventions and making prototypes (you know,
things like automatic pooper scoopers)
5 - Reading People Magazine - evaluating why your life is better than
most of those peoples (talk about a crazy life)
4 - Rediscover the greatness of 80's music (this one is JD's) and
demonstrate your new talents with a karaoke machine
3 - Figure out all possible furniture arrangements for your house,
try them all out and take pictures of each one so that you can make
an "Informed" decision
2 - Become a Photoshop expert - making pictures of the kids look
silly (my sister does this with Paige..it's pretty funny - I'll
forward one to you)
1 - Invest in a pair of binoculars and "learn" more about your
neighbors (JD's too...hehe)

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