Busy, busy!

I've got my hands in a lot of different pots today...Here's the latest:
  1. I'm picking out paint colors for Emma and Katie's rooms and I'm going to paint both of them this weekend! I've put it off or made myself too busy otherwise, but I'll feel so good having that promise fulfilled before I start treatment. I'm going to hire someone to do the terribly tedious task of painting the woodwork (has to be primed, so it really is tedious) and I'll just do the walls. Maybe I'll be so sick of painting that I won't miss it during these next months, and plus I'll feel good when I look at those walls!
  2. I'm finding a hairdresser...after years of cutting my own hair I can see I'll need someone's help soon! I've never had a different haircut or color, so maybe this will be the chance to see my hair in many different ways!
  3. I found someone to clean my house - a little luxury for these upcoming months!
  4. Family and friends are setting up a place at lotsahelpinghands.com...a good way for people to coordinate all this help that is being offered.
  5. I'm planning an early birthday party for Katie...I hope to get it done before I do treatment or surgery so we can all have a great, fun time with Katie and her kindergarten buddies! (Her birthday is April 2nd, so it would only be about 1 month early)
Well, very fabulous Katie has come downstairs....she's wearing gorgeous sunglasses and paperclips on her fingers (glamorous long nails). Time to run off and pick out some paint colors and then do some fun art with her!

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amy said...

KAtie is the most glamorous in the house. At least she's not painting the paperclips--yet.