I'm pretty sure I might never like my bald head much, except that I kind of like what having a bald head is doing for me! I find it brings perspective to all kinds of situations, as much for other people as for me. I like watching people be all serious about their own lives, and then look at me (the best is when I bring all three kids with me!) and their facial expressions change, and not in a bad way.

I also think I am almost becoming a bad-ass, in some ways, and all due to my bald head. Before baldness, I would often be nervous about doing the wrong thing, saying the wrong thing, being somewhere if I wasn't absolutely sure it was appropriate for me to be there, stepping out of line. Now that I'm bald, though, I almost wish someone would mess with me. I'm walking into situations not nervous if I should be there or not, I don't even care who I talk to or what I say, who the person is, what they have done with their lives that I maybe have not yet done with mine. I'm the bald girl with something really wrong with her (or so a stranger might think, they don't know it was only a stage 1 cancer) and there is something about being that person that makes me stronger. I hope I keep that bad-ass feeling with me when my hair grows again.

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