No Rads

I met with the radiation oncologist today...he said, "No rads, man!" Just kidding. He did not say that.

He said everything we've been told all along (actually, he said it would be of about the same benefit to me as if Bill had my radiation for me, which we thought was very funny). Because I was a Stage I breast cancer with no lymph node involvement, the only real indication would have been the very small margin near the chest wall (you want good, big, clear margins). Since the surgeon removed the fascia and it hadn't been invaded by the tumor, my risk there is not a big risk.

I have the feeling my breast surgeon wanted me to see a radiation oncologist because she has a protocol she follows now when women are diagnosed with breast cancer (which maybe she wasn't following as closely almost 9 months ago when I was diagnosed)...telling people to see her, a medical oncologist, and a radiation oncologist. Both she and the medical oncologist were almost positive I would not require radiation (and they are all at the same tumor board meetings, so I am sure their guesses had a lot of experience behind them) but she wanted to be sure.

Anyway, now I have the name of a very wonderful radiation oncologist, just in case someone needs that someday! Also, I heard from him something I hadn't heard otherwise (just another something that probably slipped through the cracks somewhere)...the best way for me to monitor recurrence in the very small amount of breast tissue that could be left is to do self exams every month. I should also have a professional do an exam every 3 months.

Monthly self exams can be every girl's friend - whether or not she's had a bilateral mastectomy!

So, all systems are go for my 4th surgery of the year...scheduled for this Friday.