Wondering how I can be so happy...

when my children are such unhappy little wild animals?
Nathan: "Katie, you're such a djerk!"
Emma: "Do I ever tell YOU to go to YOUR room when you are yelling too much?" (Directed to me, after I sent her to her room for yelling too much!)
Katie: (silently running around wreaking havoc, giggling uncontrollably as she bothers people, and then crying when they react in a manner that is unfavorable to her)

But I am happy, nonetheless! The house is clean, the plastic surgeon couldn't pull out any additional fluid from around my surgery site, my puppy is not as big an idiot as I was expecting, and the kids are pretty great, even if they are demonic at the moment. My husband is truly number one - so helpful, so giving, so cute when he doles out my 20 vitamins a day.

Plus, why not be happy? In the back of my mind, I know I have the BRCA1 genetic defect, I know I had breast cancer, I know what *could* lie ahead. So I'm just so happy to be healthy and feeling great for the moment, and I'm going to hope this goes on endlessly!

Emma is hoping that for me, too...at recess in the art room the other day, she and her friends made me a giant poster based on one of my favorite lines from a song by The Killers. She wrote down the quote: "And if I pave my streets with good times, will the mountains keep on giving?" (yes, same quote from the masthead of this blog...) Underneath that line she wrote, "For my Mom they will!"


Amy said...

I can hear Emma saying that!

Anonymous said...

Awwww! Tear came to my eyes! She's a sweetie!

Jen Gagan