So far, so good!
I am enjoying myself at Spa Beaumont. It's not terribly pretty here, but I've got pain meds on board, people to help me, and no responsibility - the recipe for a pretty great night! Plus, my sister stopped over for a while and we had an uninterrupted conversation (a precious commodity these days). What more could a girl want?

My nurse has been kind, the medical assistant is even nicer (not to mention terribly handsome)! I have entertainment - people walking down the halls (I flash them my winning smile and judge their reactions), and my next-door neighbor had some sort of plastic surgery on her face. All of her friends are commenting on light topics, like
how much weight they lost, or admiring her Gucci bag. It takes all kinds to make this world an interesting, lively place!

Oh, yes...and the surgery went well. There was minimal scar tissue, my fabulous MD was able to make a smaller incision, and it only took an hour (was booked for 1.5 hours). I'm spending the night for the IV antibiotics, and then I go home tomorrow a.m.

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