Oh, if they only stayed like this forever...

Emma has to do a writing assignment for school..."If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be?" As we looked over the assignment, I tried to brainstorm with her - to make sure she was sticking to the topic, etc. We had a giant problem, though...no matter how I tried to persuade her to think of the "exciting places in the world", "the places you've visited and the places you still want to see", "what would make this new home so exciting", "what could you do in your new home that you can't do here in Michigan" (all phrases from her assignment sheet) - I could not shake her. Emma wants to always live in Bingham Farms, Michigan!

Here's what she wrote:
"If I could choose anyplace I could live I would choose to stay here. But if I could go on vacation I would go to Chicago or California to see my aunts. Let me tell you about my house. It would have comfy pillows and pretty carpet. I would live in the empty lot down the court. It has a big back yard with these bucks that go sleep there. The house also has a stream. Also it has a little place where bunnies live. I would be able to visit my parents a lot. I would get a big room just like my parents have. I could see how our puppy is doing. I would get two cats to keep me company. I would have a rocking chair in my room. I would have a great backyard where my cats could play. I would have seven bird houses and two bat houses. I would feed the deer. I would have a hummingbird feeder. I would leave nuts for the squirrels and I would have a lot of animals visiting my yard. I would love it. If I could go on vacation I would go to my cottages in Grand Bend and Bayfield."

Oh, my darling girl. I can't tell you how many times I mentioned the many places we've gone on vacation, all the places she could live, or even visit...and she only wants to live here and visit her aunts and grandparents if she vacations! I think it's so precious to have her so content with her little house and life...and I do sort of hate that I'm going to have to really work with her to make this writing piece actually fit the assignment better. All I really want is for her (and her sister and her brother) to remain such a big huge part of our daily lives - FOREVER! (just like she is writing here)- and I hate to have to make her think of other places, or other possibilities!

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