The month of many surgeries is almost passed...

(If many means two!)
I just got my drain out today...how happy I am about that! Now I am just willingly taking oral antibiotics, wearing a medical bra which is sucking the life out of me with its tightness, and praying for no infection this time around in the reconstruction process. For those of you who may not remember, I had an infection about 2 weeks after my mastectomy/immediate reconstruction which required that I remove my tissue expander and start over again after chemo was completed (now)!

I wouldn't say it is time to throw a party, but I sort of am throwing a little one in my head anyway. Yes, I should wait until a couple of weeks have passed with no infection. Yes, my mother-in-law goes for her second round of chemo next week, so we are still very much living with the cyclical nature of cancer treatments in the Lucken household. Yes, I am still going to have just enough time to put my house together until cancer treatments of some sort force me to fall behind again (mother-in-law's, not mine). Yes, I can't really lift anything, or exercise vigorously, for at least another 3 weeks. Yes, I still have more MD appointments in the upcoming month than I would have previously had in 3 full years. But...the DRAIN IS GONE! Do you have any idea how good that feels? WHOOOO HOOOO!

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