2009 resolutions

I'm big on resolutions, but not so big on New Year's Resolutions. I'm sure I made quite a few back in the day when New Year's Eve meant staying up and writing down the "Top 100 Songs of the year" with my sisters, but I doubt I ever kept any or made any life-changing habits. (Then again, what resolutions are that important for a young pup of 10-17?)

I'm excited for this New Year, though...excited for what it might mean. After all, 2008 brought along some pretty spectacular things - a new nephew, breast cancer, lots of surgeries, new friends, connections with old friends, a new puppy, and stronger family ties. 2009 promises at a minimum 2 new nephews...how can that not be an even more spectacular year?

So, in honor of a new year, I'm going to make some goals.

Here's my first one:
Sometimes people come into your life who make you want to be a better person...who energize you and help you to dream again. In the absence of such a particular person, why not look for that energy and those dreams in other places - books, movies, learning, the pursuit of new activities? So one of my resolutions is to take more time out from chores and constant movement to seek out enrichment activities. Yes, I could constantly flit around and find things to do, to clean, to build, to grow, to tend, to nurture, to entertain (and I do)...but in 2009 I'm going to take some time to do that for myself.

More tomorrow...daughter number two is succumbing to the vomiting monster and needs me.

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