WOW, Mom

I was trying on a shirt at Old Navy yesterday...Katie was in the room with me, talking to herself and playing something imaginative and strange and all-to-herself as usual. Suddenly, though, I felt her attention on me, looked down at her, and saw some WIDE eyes.

She was looking at my chest! "WOW, Mom. Those are B-I-G."

What do I say to that? And now I feel even more confident with not filling the expanders up to the full 450cc limit (which was even not that big...I know someone who chose 650 so she could get to her normal size C)...my family and I are clearly not used to these proportions on my body!

Going from a saggy little self to this fully upright, hard expander look is quite a change. I went into my plastic surgeon's office the other day, telling her how it was a little sad that my cat, who used to be able to put her entire body between my saggy little breasts, can only stretch one paw through that cleavage now. I don't want to be able to fit a whole cat between my breasts, but I'm not sure I need only a rock-solid inch of cleavage, either!

She told me the look after this next surgery (exchange of tissue expanders for implants...only 16 days away, actually) will be softer, and there will be some movement (i.e. it won't be like my family is hugging mom + the two rocks on her chest). She said, and I quote, "Your cat will be able to get back in there." (Loved that line, so funny.)

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