More New Year's Resolutions

This is so fun. I just love the New Year.
Here are my latest ideas: (I don't share the biggest plans because I would hate to have to say I did not accomplish them. Let's just call them "Fitness 2009". My Dad probably remembers Fitness 93, Fitness 94, Fitness 95, etc. It's been awhile since those days, but I still can't lose the fascination with the yearly Fitness Plan. Probably helps that I've taken about 10 years off.)

New Hobbies! Emma and I have gotten into ice skating lately, thanks to the Christie family. So much fun. We are going to do more rock climbing and snorkeling in 2009, too! So so so fun.

More goal setting to keep myself on track (mostly, to keep me from wasting a whole day cleaning up after people and wasting time on the internet.)

More consistent discipline of the Lucken children! (Yeah, right.)

Have to go discipline my middle child now. She is hurting me for not playing catch with her in the house. Is there ANYTHING wrong with this picture?

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