Reflection and reply

Note to self:
Pam, if you decide to the gym, and attend two 1-hour classes in a row with people that are smaller, cuter, made-up, better dressed, with more hair, and in better shape than you, you are a glutton for punishment.

I already knew this about you, but this is taking things to a new level! I really don't think you should keep up this self-punishing behavior.

Reply to self:
OK, I'll go get some better-looking gym clothes. As soon as I can walk again.

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Amy said...

My Note to self:

Don't go to gym at "Mommy time" because there are WAY too many other kids there, and they will scare your baby who is used to being around only 2 other people. And all of these other mommies have better gymclothes, less fat, and nice hair than you.

Okay, I will continue to get up at 9, shower at 1, and go to the gym at 3pm. It's better for the baby!