Wrapping paper

I'm not a person who likes to use a lot of wrapping paper. I feel like it is such a waste. Plus, I've made a whole ton of completely fabulous fabric bags to wrap our Christmas gifts in each year. SOO...whatever wrapping paper I have lying around this house has been here for a while.

This year, though, my disdain of wrapping paper went flying out the window, because the wrapping paper and I have our own little internal joke! I pulled out the same rolls I use every year to wrap a few things I couldn't put in fabric bags (my bad, bad extended family members - everyone who does not have the last name Lucken and isn't forced to do what I say - do not espouse my belief that my fabric bags are the best things in the world)...and there on every roll was a huge, huge dent! Here was the bad wrapping paper that caused me such pain and agony in early January when I fell into the barrel in which the rolls reside! Here was the wrapping paper that bruised me, from the barrel that knocked the wind out of me, that made me check to see if I really was healed from my dasterdly fall, that made me find my breast cancer.

I might still adore my fabric bags, but I also have a very soft spot in my heart for these dented rolls of wrapping paper.

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lorib said...

i like wrapping paper.