Thank you to our generous donors!

Katie is very excited to put on her jumping shoes on February 5th for Jump Rope for Heart.
Thank you so much to the following people who donated to the American Heart Association!

Bonnie, Jeff, and precious Paige Kenewell
Lori, Dan and smart-and-handsome Hayden Buckfire
Amy, Chris, and magical Matthew Kay
Julie, Tyler, and precious Natalie Gibbs
John and Nancy Carroll
Melissa Marzorati-Bergmann and family
Joann Wilcox
Sybil Kenewell
Madeline and cutie-pie Campbell Parks (and Tara and Doug)

Thank you so much to such great friends and family! This means so much to our family...it is fun for the kids to be involved in doing something special in honor of their family members!


M & C & T & D said...

We hope Katie has a fabulous time jumping!

lorib said...

awww! thanx for the link!
but no need to thank us for the donation. we are more than happy to support any of the luckens in any endeavor!!! :