Everybody is Kung Fu fighting

Don't I just love having kids who want to hear their new favorite song over and over and OVER again, until we know all of the words and the way the singer lifts his voice in that one verse, but not in the other? YES, I do, because I am the same way. I can, and do, listen to one song, possibly hundreds of times in a row before I feel the need to move on.

So the new song in the Lucken household, courtesy of Mr. Nathan R. Lucken, is the song that closes out Kung Fu Panda. And I love the words. So here are some good lines for you (and for me):

Everybody is Kung Fu Fighting
Your mind becomes fast as lightning
And though the future is a little bit frightening
It's the book of your life that you're writing...

You are a natural, why is it so hard to see
Maybe it's just because you keep on looking at me
The journey's a lonely one, so much more than we know
So sometimes you have to go, go on and be your own hero

(chorus again)


lorib said...

who knew?!

Amy said...

At least it is not still the year 3000, where not much has changed, but they live underwater. And they saw your great,great,great granddaughter, and she's doin' fine.