Fun with pictures!

I don't know how anyone can stand to read this blog...I prefer to read things with glorious pictures, and this blog has heretofore been entirely lacking glorious pictures.

However, with the brand new paint in my house, I feel the need to finally put up some of my favorite pictures of my family! Of course, first I need to FIND all of those pictures...which means a lot of work.

The happy upside to all of this work is that I can share some of the cute pictures I find here! So I am starting today. Here's my darling middle daughter - I was looking for pictures from this time of the year, as far back as I could find.

Grand Cayman - Feb. 2003

March 2004 and also...

Feb. 2004

February 2005

March 2006

March 2007 (with Cookie Dough)

February 2008 (my wig!)

February 15, 2009 (Class Valentine's Day party)


Anonymous said...

So grown up! I'll always think of her as one of the "three divas" -- bringing their purse and fancy stuff to soccer games. :-)

Amy said...

For the most part, I still think of her as she was in that 2 1/2 year old picture...

Can't believe how much she has grown up!!

Aunt Amy

lori b said...

i can stand to read your blog! thats why i do!!!!! keep going. love it!