I'm a couple of hours early (about 22...I got the phone call around 8pm Eastern Time on the 18th of February)...but Happy Anniversary to ME!

I was thinking I should do something really special, like write something about all of the things I have done this year - the number of appointments, surgeries, bras, hours I spent in bed, blog posts, kind email messages from friends - anything to collaborate my special year. But instead, I am having such a great time living my life...too much fun, really (tonight I am in Evanston with my kids, visiting my sister, and magical nephew - and we have had a lovely stay, though the kids miss Daddy terribly).

And really, isn't that the point? Life, despite all of its difficulties (which are varied and many...my breast cancer having been quite small in the scheme of possible difficulties one could face in life, I realize), is really, really wonderful.

I'm happy to be here, happy to be alive, happy to feel healthy again. And even if I am not perfect - because of the breast cancer that I had, or really, because of any other shortcoming I have - it doesn't matter so much to me anymore (and that is a breakthrough for me, a different statement than I could have made a year ago). I accept that I'm not perfect, that things aren't always easy, and am really just grateful for the chance to PARTICIPATE in this journey called life.

And THANK YOU! To all of the people who have helped me, or sent good wishes on this journey of mine, or kept me company here on my blog - THANK YOU! I never imagined I would have deserved such good will and kindnesses, and am blessed to have such wonderful friends and family members.

(And now, I have to stop three overly tired children from fighting...and send them to bed. The Kohl Children's Museum in Glenview blew their minds and made them so happy, but now they are exhausted. And Katie just said, "Mom, are you almost done? Or are you just writing silly comments? MOM? I just asked a question. The polite thing to do is to answer." OK, Katie, stop saying such funny things and I will stop writing them.)


Anonymous said...

this is an anniversary we should use to celebrate life not the dumb cancer....how precious life is, how fast it seems to pass in times of joy (slow down times of joy!) and how slow it seems to move while in pain (speed up pain!)

thanks pam for a great year - really any year with you is great, even the past one. 16 years since we started dating, here's to at least 63 more (I need to make it 100 to beat my Grandma Mabel)

Anonymous said...

Congratulations. I've been thinking about you a lot because I am back in Arizona. I keep passing the place where I sat in the car on the phone with you. So glad this year has passed but glad that I met you along the way.

Happy Anniversary.



lori b said...

love the kohl museum. hayden wanted to get a job making sandwiches at potbellies!