Hard days

Today isn't the easiest day for my sister, who has to say goodbye to her beloved kitten after 10 years together...I'm thinking of you and of darling Dottie, thinking of when I came with you to pick her out 10 years ago, pregnant with Emma and not yet knowing it, thinking of all of the times I have visited your houses over the years and went sneaking off to look for her under beds or in closets to steal a few pets. She was such a good girl, so adorable with all of her dots...the sleekest cat with the cutest mouthiness when we talked on the phone. She is joining all of our beloved friends today in heaven.

It's also a day of hard news for our family...facing hard ideas but also remembering how much we love each other. I hope my Dad knows how much I love him, how much I respect him, how good he was to me in so many ways. I'm going to keep hoping and praying, and doing as he does - really enjoying life, working hard, and finding the fun in so many different things. I'm so lucky to have learned so many things from him, and even luckier that my children have had the chance (and still do) to learn things from him. Such a guy.

Happy 18th Anniversary, Dad and Nancy!

(And Debbie, if you read this, Happy Birthday to you!)

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lori b said...

jeez...youre killing me here pam! my heart melts for animals, and these losses are breaking my heart. im sorry about dottie. im requesting that the next post be happy. :)

p.s. i dont know whats going on with your dad, but im concerned and praying for the best. i also wonder how bills mom is doing. please know im thinking about all of you guys....