Thank you

Thank you, so much, to all of you who sent kind messages about Phineas. Thank you for helping me to not feel so crazy, grieving for a rabbit. Thank you for remembering him! - that probably meant the most to me...hearing from the friends I've had as long as I had Phineas, those that remember him in his sprightly days, living in the dining room of our old house!. Somehow I felt so old, remembering adopting him at the age of 25, with no kids, no breast cancer, so much younger...and then looking up and thinking of how different I am now, knowing the woman I am today won't be optimistically adopting a little rabbit. It doesn't bother me to feel so much older when I think of how long I have had these friendships...having people who remember all of these years with me just makes me cherish all of the years I've had so far!

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