Can I just say, that life with my girl Katie has always been nothing short of an adventure in parenting. She is a sparkly, complex little girl - a smart, emotional, strong-but-also-kind, fiery-but-also-sensitive, introverted AND extroverted girl. She's a middle child who easily could have been an only child - she likes her quiet time, she likes her friends, she likes the spotlight (and some of these things are just so impossible to have as much as she might like, sandwiched in between her big sister and her younger brother). A lesser personality could be lost between the accomplishments of the older sister and the beguiling smiles of the cute younger brother...but not Katie!

Anyway, Katie is so many things, I will never get it right in describing her in one post (especially as I have her cake to frost, her birthday dinner to make, and her presents to wrap). Let's just leave it that parenting this complex girl has been one of the most rewarding adventures of my life. I'm so lucky to have her - trying to understand this girl and to be the best Mom I can be for her has made me a better person.

Happy 7th Birthday to my Baby Kates! And Happy Birthday to Daddy's Little.


natalie_r_g said...

We love you, Katie! Hope the "birthday kisses and birthday nibbles" from Hope were great. We will eat cake tonight here in CA for you.

Love, Aunt Julie, Uncle Tyler, and Natalie

JD and Bonnie Kenewell said...

From one middle child to another...Happy Birthday Katie!!:-)