This is what I have been working on...

We've expanded the garden! I dug out all 7 of the new stupid beds myself...and have since filled them with dirt. Bill built the new boxes with lumber from our failed ice rink...and put up a fence because if he is planting things, he doesn't want interference from the deer. I sort of doubt the deer will be a big problem as the mouthy dog (who has her butt in our faces in this picture...She is barking at Dagny, who is taunting her with the ball in her mouth) is constantly running circles around the house. The fence is truly fantastic for keeping said mouthy dog out of the garden, though...or at least providing a bit of a barrier. It takes her a few minutes to bite a hole in the deer fence, and by that time I usually have caught her and shooed her away. (So I guess you could say constant surveillance of mouthy dog is another one of my latest hobbies. Oh, and shuttling around the cute 9.5 year old in this picture.)

So, the kids have the far 3 boxes...Bill gets 3, Grandpa Bill gets one, and I get 4. I was kind of feeling ripped off (I had 4 boxes of my own last year...so why spend 3 hours digging and filling each additional box for other people?), until we went to Bordine Nursery this weekend. It was so fun to let everyone buy their own plants and NOT HAVE TO SHARE MY GARDEN SPACE with them! And it was cute to have them all planting. I will take pictures so that you can see how cute the newly-planted gardens are - Katie's garden is all organized...Emma's plants are all planted correctly....Nathan is trying to grow rocks...and Bill has optimistically planted all sorts of vegetables that aren't even supposed to be in the ground yet. It's too rainy to take those pictures today, though...and honestly, that's the only reason why I am on the computer today!

But silly Emma is now asking me to get off so she can catch super villians on Fun Brain...and how can I deny her? :)

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JD and Bonnie Kenewell said...

WOW..you're my hero! I hope to come visit sometime when your garden in in full 'growth.'!!