Updates on all fronts

Update on Hope: She's great. Happy, even, though her reproductive organs have been removed. She's also quiet, which is a blessing. We'll see if that continues into tomorrow...I'm keeping my fingers crossed! Somehow I need to contain her energy for the next 10-14 days as she heals.

Update on the Family: We missed Hope, even me. We DID take advantage of the one-day's break, though - the kids could leave their stuff out and their doors open, the cats could walk around without fear of being "played with", even Dagny looked relaxed. But, it's just not the same around here without her, and from the kids' giant hugs to Dagny's very pleased gentle tail wagging and nuzzling, Hope was welcomed back home with open arms.

Update on Pam's feelings about Phineas: I'm feeling better, and though I miss that little bugger, I feel a sense of exhaustion that must only come after 11 years of cleaning up rabbits and their poopy butts. Plus, I finally don't have to worry if the end is coming for him anymore...that's emotionally tiring. I was looking at websites for rabbit rescues, just in case I start missing cleaning up rabbit pellets. I'm not bringing any home, though...the idea just makes me nauseous. I'm telling you, if you haven't spent the last 11 years cleaning up after your pal - it is so annoying. Especially if he doesn't want to use his litterbox, ever, and then it becomes even more annoying when he CAN'T use his litterbox, or even hold anything in. So, I miss him and like to look at pictures of rabbits to make myself feel better, but I don't want one.

Update on the guinea pigs: They are happy to receive the leftover attention (after the children, Dagny, Madeline, Annie, and Hope...) that once belonged to Phinny. Cookie Dough enjoyed some pets yesterday, and Oreo ate from my hand for the first time. I'm glad I have those 2 useless pets...it makes the basement so much more entertaining.

Update on Bill: Feeling better from his oral surgery...finally? I hope so.

Update on spring break: It's killing me. I have taken to enforcing mandatory "quiet times". Call it a defense mechanism - it seems like the 3 Lucken children will not let this break end without totally destroying each other in the process. It happens every time they need to learn to live with each other 24 hours a day - the marking of the territory, the whining, the complaining that they are bored, the tears - and right around the time when the break is over, they will have come to love each other and enjoy each others' company. Until they get to that utopia, however, mandatory "quiet times" are required to maintain a mother's sanity. And yes, I could schedule them into something so that they aren't forced to get along - and then I would be so happy - but I believe it is an essential part of childhood to learn how to coexist with your siblings (if you have them), and to learn how to occupy yourself, and to learn that all of life doesn't revolve around you. So meanwhile I am suffering whilst the children kill each other and learn valuable lessons. I need some valium, or maybe just some Yoga, exercise, a hot sauna, a shopping spree, and lots of chocolate.

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