Where have I been?

I have not been sitting at the computer, that is for certain. I've been spoiled with my iphone, and I'm spoiled with my big yard...and when I put both of those things together I can spend a whole day not completely out of touch (because I can check email), but without sitting down at the computer. I love not having to sit down. But I do miss blogging, and researching whatever various topic comes to mind (here are the topics I would be looking up right now if I wasn't writing this: what are good groundcovers for Michigan, how to cure constipation brought on by menopause, how to potty train your bad bad 3.5 year old boy, and how to make small talk). Clearly, Mr. Lucken needs to buy me a laptop.

You see, if I spend all my time trying to potty train a bad bad boy, and shuttling 2 girls around, and trying to fit in some exercise, and all of my housewife-y things that I do, and running after an 8 month old puppy who has something or other in her mouth, and then squeezing all of the extra minutes of garden time in that I can - well, by the end of the day I don't feel like sitting, I feel like collapsing on a bed. On top of that, if I DID feel like sitting at the computer, I would have to wrestle one of the 3 other literate computer users away from it...and we fight enough all day long that I don't feel like fighting that battle. Plus, how can you tell your 9.5 year old (who is still playing educational games on the computer - math games! - when she could be in the world of the 'tweens, and you are so happy she is not yet a 'tween-) to get off the computer? Or your 7 year old who is finally reading big books? Or your husband, with his toothless grin and sore chest from having a mole surgically excised? Well, I could...but I would usually prefer to go to bed instead... But what if I had my own laptop to use in bed? There's a brilliant (albeit costly) idea.

I hope someone's husband is reading this and contemplating how great an addition a laptop* would be in the Lucken household.

*small footnote - a laptop for PAM


Anonymous said...

I've missed reading your blog lately. Maybe you do NEED a laptop! :-) I love mine. I never use a desktop computer anymore. Glad everything is okay with you!

pl said...

I hate movie stars I only like there songs, not like Jordyn and Lauren. You shouldn't leave this up.

JD and Bonnie Kenewell said...

I love having a laptop! Yes, I agree, a laptop would be a wonderful addition to your household and I'm sure would score big 'husband points.' I sure hope that 'others' in your family are reading this blog..hehe!

pl said...

I was hoping for others to read this, too...just not Emma!

Sheryl L said...

Here is the laptop I have:

which comes in all sorts of colors and configurations (search "netbook") and the price has already dropped $50 on this model since I bought it after Christmas with my Walmart gift cards. I've been meaning to officially review it for all the people who have asked me about it. Anyway, I love it! Will give more details later...