Bill and his Tigers' fans

Have I mentioned that I am not the biggest sports fan in the world? I love participating in sports (though since I didn't do many as a kid, I'm not great at most of them), and I love following all of my University of Michigan Rowing team alums as they make their way in the international rowing world (some of our favorites are rowing for Canada and the US at the Olympics in less than a month!), but I'm not great at sitting down and watching sports. Bill quite obviously did not marry me for our shared love of following sports, and I have spent 15 years conflicted between either feeling sorry for him for this or trying to avoid watching games with him.

But look what I helped to make, to compensate for my lack of enthusiasm:

Tigers Fans!

And this is what I found, written on a piece of paper with Detroit Tigers stickers in the 4 corners (from the Tigers Kid's fan club):

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By: Emma Lucken

I love the tigers baseball. Today my dad signed me up for there fan club. I got a tee-shirt, coloring papers, stuff about Placido polanco (who is not my favorite tiger) and stickers (they are the stickers around this page). Curtis Granderson is my favorite tiger. He plays center feild. He is really good at his place too! The D on the stickers is a old D they used in the olden days. The tiger at the bottom of the page is Paws the team mascot. The Detroit Tigers Rock!

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