Early Detection is key...

Check out Ellyn's website again today...she mentioned the website checkyourboobies.org, where you can sign up to be reminded to do your monthly breast exams! Thank you, Ellyn, for helping me to remember to spread the word...lately, I have been only thinking of how I can get through this next 4 weeks (when I should be thinking of the bigger picture).

Doing your monthly self-exam is key, especially for your younger women. First of all, not all young women are having mammograms (I had not yet had one, for example). Secondly, mammograms aren't even that great at detecting cancer in younger women due to the denser nature of their breasts. Lastly, the cancer found in a younger woman is often of a more aggressive grade (like mine was) and the prognosis is worse. Early detection is key!

And now I am going to go to bed...tomorrow is chemo day #5. Oh joy! But I am seriously glad to be doing this treatment because of what it could mean for my future...and I hope to remember that tomorrow when the yuckiness begins again!

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