Michigan Breast Cancer 3-day

I've just recently slipped off the list of the top-10 fundraisers for the Michigan Breast Cancer 3-day. With the amazing amount of money that some people are raising for this event, I figured it was an eventuality, but I think my husband is probably not happy. You see, Bill should be on the list of top fundraisers for the Michigan Breast Cancer 3-day, because he raised almost all of our funds by contacting people tirelessly and spreading the word!

Personally, I've been waiting to send out additional requests for support, because I would like to be sure that some of my teammates have enough money to walk - especially people who are walking for the first time this year to join me. This year, I have with me my friends from high school, Therese and Sakura, friends from college Laurie and Nicole (coming in from Connecticut to walk!), friends who have daughters growing up with my Emma (Wendy, Becky, Kathy, Sherri), my sister-in-law Bonnie, Bill's cousin Melonie. My mother-in-law Sybil, and Bill's aunt Joann are walking again this year to support me also. Each of us has to raise at least $2,200, and to me, it doesn't make a difference if the money is donated to my friends or to my walk...it is all money being raised to do more research to find a cure for breast cancer!

I have to be honest and say that during these chemo days, I don't like to think about breast cancer very much, and so I haven't asked enough for support for this walk. It is a cause that is so important to me, though...I live every day now knowing that the 3 children upstairs having a crazy dance party each have a 50% chance of having the BRCA-1 mutation that I have. I need to be vigilant with their health, and I also NEED A CURE, I need more research done, and I need it now!

Please consider donating to this cause if you are able. If you choose to help one of my friends make their total, email me (pamlucken@gmail.com) so I can thank you copiously also! And if you want to donate to my walk, my husband will be SO PLEASED. He wants to much to make a difference this year, and every year, towards the study and cure of this disease which has changed our lives this year and will be a huge part of the rest of our lives. To see my name up there in the top 10 is a visual reminder for him that he is making a difference, with the help of all of our amazing family and friends.

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