We've escaped some sexual innuendo, for now

Emma spent probably an hour writing down the lyrics to "She will be loved" by Maroon 5 yesterday. (It was on a cd of inspirational songs a very sweet friend left for me and I had it in under-the-counter cd player in the kitchen.) I thought for a minute about telling her this was an inappropriate song, but she was working so hard and I hoped she didn't catch any particular inappropriate innuendo in the lyrics (plus I was being lazy).

I don't think I have to worry. She is here singing the song ("I love singing in front of crowds!" - the crowd is me + Nathan):

"Beauty queen of only 18. He was some trouble with herself." (Boys ARE often trouble for beauty queens...)

"I've fed you so many times but somehow I want more" (I sure don't feel this way about my children...that is some strong love he's got!)

"I know where you hide. Well, only your car" (It is much harder to hide a car than a person...)

I'm breathing a sigh of relief, because not only is she singing these lyrics, but Nathan is singing them as well - "she will be loved, she will be loved".

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