2 steps forward, one step back

A note from Bill,

Pam was doing great, feeling great, starting to be a little more active and then a setback. There is a complication with the healing process in the reconstruction on her right side which emerged on Tuesday. Pam also had some flu virus/ aches, chills, etc. at the same time, so she has not been feeling so well the last few days.

The problem may be just additional fluid that is not draining properly or fluid and plus an infection. The result of this is more antibiotics and another surgery tomorrow morning (Friday). This ~30 minute surgery will clean up any problems and re-set the reconstruction process. I told Pam this is a mulligan in the golf world. A do-over that we hope is a short-term setback.

I don't mean to downplay this setback - Pam is in more pain now than after surgery (probably 80% physical and 20% emotional). She was hoping the next hurdle was the first chemo in 2 weeks, not another surgery. Plus, things had been going so well. Lots of positive news, feeling better, etc. The combination of the pain plus the disappointment. She should be able to come home the same afternoon and start the recovery again.

Good news: This setback is a risk of immediate breast reconstruction and is not related to any cancer issues.

Thanks so much to everyone. All of the kind words, notes, rides, meals, and prayers. A few more prayers would be appreciated.


natalie_r_g said...

Dear Luckens, we love all of you so much.

Julie, Tyler, Natalie, and Reese

Wendy C said...

Bill, Tell "Superwoman" that we're all all here for her (...and if she's not careful I'm going to pass her in 3-Day fundraising!) :-)

Much love

Anonymous said...

lots of being sent over from the west coast (from jen fader and family)