Contrarian girl loves Michigan

I'm a contrarian...of this I am sure. If someone says something is GREAT, I can probably find something wrong with it...but if someone says something is HORRIBLE, I will defend it with all my might. (Most of these arguments go on in my head, though, because I'm not bold enough to express my opinions verbally. I'm admitting it here, though...if you are criticizing something, in my head I am arguing with you! Bill will vouch for me, because I AM bold enough to argue with him.)

I'm sure it is my contrary nature that is making me love Michigan so much just as everyone else is trashing it and complaining about how horrible it is here. I read it in blogs, I read it in the news, I overhear conversations. I have wanted to live in another state for my whole life - to experience other things, other climates, adventures, etc. - and suddenly I am just so happy to live exactly where I am.

Yes, things could be better...and I do have sympathy and a little sad spot in my stomach for those people who have been affected by the economy. But honestly, there are so many other wonderful things about this state. Here's my quick list of WHY PEOPLE SHOULD STOP SAYING NASTY THINGS ABOUT MICHIGAN, AND NOW.

  1. How can anyone complain about the weather - at least in my little spot in Southeast Michigan? 4 seasons...Zone 6A-6B on the USDA plant hardiness map (the same as Amarillo, Texas, by the way...)? Come on, people, complain all you want, but the map doesn't lie.
  2. We have such a great mix of recreation in this state - The lakes! The nature! The summer sports! The winter sports! We can do it all here, and pretty easily. If I'm hiking on a little trail here, I'm not running into a thousand other people like I might run into on a similar little trail in California. Now maybe that is because not everyone likes to bushwack through random parts of the neighborhood (because that is called trespassing, whoops), but still. We've got great nature.
  3. The people! How many places in the country can you go around and have random people just smile at you and greet you - in stores, on ice rinks, etc. I'm sure people are even nicer in other places, but really in Michigan people are great - a nice mix between the cosmopolitan crowd who won't say anything to randoms, and the most down-to-earth Midwesterners who are friendly to everyone.
  4. The affordability! And it's even getting more affordable (there are benefits to everyone losing everything). I could never have my crazy 1.7 acres in many other parts of the country....
  5. Lastly, let me just say how wonderful it is to get breast cancer when you live in Southeast Michigan. I had so many options, so many great doctors, great hospitals from which to choose, all easily accessible. My top rated hospital is only a few miles down the road! That is truly number one, let me tell you, in a year when you are at the hospital/doctor's offices many times each month.
Anyway, that's my opinion for the day. STOP COMPLAINING, everyone. It's really annoying me. Though all the negativity is making contrarian me more positive, which is a good thing...hmmm. Maybe don't stop entirely. Just tone it down a bit.

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