My cute little 9-year old

Apparently darling Emma enjoys fundraising MUCH more than I do, or did; or maybe, and more likely, she thinks everyone in the world has money to spare (though I tell her we don't every time we go shopping and she wants everything - yesterday it was this random Treehouse book at Anthropologie and fake eyeglasses at Claire's).

But I have to adore her enthusiasm...especially when I read what she put on her Jump Rope for Heart Page. Scroll down and you will see not only a very popular quote in the cancer circles ("Life's not about waiting for the storm to pass, it's about learning to dance in the rain!" - Emma has definitely absorbed a lot from cancer world over the past year+), but also a personal statement from Emma:

All of the donations make a difference, by sending in 25 dollars you are saving a life!
Thank you!
Emma Lucken

(Wouldn't it be so great if it only cost $25 to save a life! But I love my cutie for believing that, and for trying. And I love my family, and Marci (extended family!), for loving Emma so much to donate to her campaign, after having JUST given to Katie's a couple of months ago! She really is so excited and feels like she is making a difference...and boosting me up with her enthusiasm as well!)

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