My ducks are back!

Just imagine my joy when I saw the ducks at our feeder area tonight...I had seen some ducks around the neighborhood, but tonight they came home to me!

I know this sounds a little weird, the possessive "my ducks" and all...but listen to what happened. I saw them, ran inside to tell Bill how excited I was, and ran back outside to take some pictures of them. They were walking away, as the feeder area was completely empty. I said, "Hey ducks!", and they turned around and started walking to me! So then I asked them if they were hungry, they nodded yes (not really, but they kept walking towards me), I dumped some birdseed in the traditional area, and they had a nice little snack.

So see, they are my ducks! Oh, how I love spring, when all the little buddies come back.

(These pictures suck, but it is dusk and I didn't want to figure out how to make the camera work...)

Walking away, as the food is not there...

He's looking at me, but she's the hungry one who is already coming for her snack...

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