Not so good at moderation, GREAT at procrastination

Here is what I would like to say to these two -nations.

Moderation, I'm sorry we are not better friends. I really have made an effort to understand your merits, which, from what I have heard, are many! Yet, every time I try to foster a closer relationship with you, you elude me (thus no tv for a month, and then 5 hours in one sitting. Or no gardening for 3 months, and then so much "gardening" that I am falling into bed exhausted. Or never trying a class at the gym, and then trying 7 classes in 5 days, and not being able to walk. And no blog-writing and only quick glances at the computer for weeks, and then a whole morning stolen by writing and reading online. And let's not even get started on chocolate chip or ice cream consumption....). Stop being such a tease, Moderation. I promise I'm not such a bad person. You might even like me.

What's that? I need more willpower, more discipline, before you will ever show your face to me? Well, then...forget what I said. You're too boring for me anyway.

And now, for YOU, Procrastination. I am tired of you. And to show you that I can totally defeat you in this battle that we have undertaken, I am hereby nominating this to be the week of Pam's Battle VS. Procrastination. You should be scared.

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