The Cutest Pet Contest!

As a small fundraiser for our 3-day team, Emma and I will be running a "CUTEST Pet Contest" at the Beverly Hills Memorial Day Carnival, held at Beverly Park on Memorial Day. Click on the link and you will see the cute flyer Emma made up for contest (with some editing on my part).

We are so looking forward to this contest...all of the proceeds will go towards our 3-day team. People can submit their pets (taking any and all entries now!) with the registration form, a photo, and a $10 entry fee. Voting will happen at the Carnival, where people can vote with their carnival tickets. We have some great prizes for the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners - the 1st place prize is a $50 gift certificate for any service at our local Pet Ritz! All voters will get a small prize (so that we can compete with the other games - all players get a small prize!), too.

As my dear friend Wendy said, I could run the whole contest with my own pets, but I would LOVE to have lots of entries, for more fun! They can be sent or emailed to me at pamlucken@gmail.com.

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Aunt Amy said...

Great work Emma (and Pam)!