My nephew was born today!

I have been remiss...no updates lately! I have quite a few little notes of interest to report, however....THEY WILL HAVE TO WAIT!

My nephew was born today! Julie gave birth to her little baby boy early this morning (as in 12:45am, California-time). He weighed in at 9 lbs, 8 oz! I was so relieved to hear that mother and baby are doing well, despite a painful c-section for the mommy. Apparently large baby boy was wedged up under her ribs and also stuck down in the pelvis, so some pushing and pulling had to occur.

Later this evening, Julie called to say she and Tyler had decided upon the name...but I was out buying some plants (of course, it's spring) and so she would not tell Bill. She knew he would always boast that he had heard the name first. So this is the message I received on my voicemail:
"Hi, I'm just calling because we figured out the baby's name and Bill called me an asshole because I wouldn't tell it to him before I told it to you, love you bye."

So, when I walked in the house, she was calling on the home phone, Bill was still calling her names, and she STAYED STRONG until I got on the phone. What a sister!

Oh, you want to know the name? Noah. Noah Johnston Gibbs. (Johnston is Tyler's mom's maiden name.) SO cute. I can't wait to meet him! (10 days from today!)

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JD and Bonnie Kenewell said...

Big congrats Aunt Pam and to your sis and bro-in-law!!