Goodbye Gatorade

Tomorrow I am having a colonoscopy, courtesy of my husband who has a little checklist in his mind of all the things I should do to make sure I am keeping a good handle on my BRCA mutation. TONIGHT, I am a very very cranky woman after a clear liquids diet all day and 238g of Miralax mixed with 64 ounces of gatorade. Let's just say I will not be consuming or purchasing any Gatorade anytime soon...maybe ever! I am shuddering with the thought of drinking another ounce of that stuff!

I'm too cranky to write any other news...I actually doubt I have any, but it feels like I should be writing about something since I am on the computer, and on this blog for once! Let's just say, aside from being cranky from a very severe lack of caloric consumption today, life is so good. I don't even mind being at the pool for 2 hours of swim practice every day (without being able to go into it because it isn't open for the rest of us lackeys), or juggling soccer and end of the year activities...I'm happy with it all.

I'm so happy, I'm afraid something bad is going to happen to me again....the last time life seemed so easy, I had a feeling something bad was on its way (and breast cancer did come a-knockin' at my door). I'm praying I've had my share of hard times for a bit.

My stomach is begging me to go to bed to end it's cries for food...so I will wish any lingering readers a very wonderful night. Eat something yummy for me!

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